Friday, April 8, 2016

What's Brewing: April 8, 2016 Edition

Come On! Everyone's Doing It!
Let's talk about trends. Fashion and beauty have always had relatively fast moving trends--that makes sense. And each decade has had it's own food trends. But these days every time you turn around there is a new food trend. First, there was everything pumpkin, then there was bacon, and don't forget bourbon. And in turn, these food trends have influenced beer trends. What we've been seeing lately is fruit flavored beer. There's no denying that fruit flavored anything and warmer weather go hand in hand. So in this issue we'll explore this trend. We've got fruit flavored kits and expert advice as well as a guide to choosing hops. See what inspires you. And as always, you can find these items and more in our Falls Church store or online at