Friday, February 12, 2016

What's Brewing: February 12, 2016 Edition

Valentines Day, ugh. Call us unromantic but we're not big fans of the holiday. Nothing against love and romance but we feel you should be sweet to your sweetie every day-not just when the greeting card companies are going to make a profit from it!  But if you are planning to play cupid for your favorite home brewer or wine maker, and you are short on time and ideas, we have a suggestion: myLHBS has a whole variety of gift card options! If you have time to come into the store, we have plastic cards and if you are pressed for time, head to our website and purchase an electronic gift card. Both are available in any denomination from $5-$500 and there are no maintenance fees. Gift cards also pair nicely with one of our other fun items like hop flavored candy, a smoke and stout caramel chocolate bar (note: Derek looooves this) or a hop-scented air freshener.  

Don't forget that myLHBS is now open until 6:30 pmTuesday-Friday so you can swing by on your way home from work.  And we're open most Sundays from noon to 4:00 pm now too.  Rick and Dennis will be in the store thisSunday, February 14,  to help you out. Check the myLHBS Calendar for our complete Sunday opening schedule.

New Lower Prices on Popular Blichmann Engineering Products
We love to share good news. And we just got some! Blichmann recently gave us the okay to lower our prices on Blichmann BoilerMaker Brew Pots and Fermenator Conical Fermenters. And due to our great relationship with Blichmann, we get these special order items in very quickly-sometimes as fast as 72 hours. If these items are on your wish list, now is the time to snap them up. 
BoilerMaker Brew Pots

Heavy gauge, stainless steel 304 single piece, deep drawn, weld-free American made construction. Available in sizes from 7.5 to 55 gallons. Standard features include:
  • Linear flow valve is easy to fine tune
  • Handles are durable, temperature resistant and cool to the touch
  • Includes adjustable viewing angle BrewMometer
  • Heavy-duty glass level gauge never clouds or scratches and features stainless steel guard with engraved volume graduations
  • Snap-in dip tube design installs without tools
  • Handle orientation makes carrying easier and the lid can be stored on the kettle handle
  • Stepped ledge supports the mash screen evenly
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Fermenator Conical Fermentors
Everything that touches the beer is heavy-gauge stainless steel or FDA-approved silicone. Available in 7, 14.5, 27 and 42 gallon sizes. Features include:   
  • Easy-to-clean weld-free fittings
  • Rotating racking arm
  • Generously sized lid hatch
  • Channel-shaped legs are strong and unique welding process leaves no marks on the interior of the vessel
  • Pressure-capable stainless lid with improved lid seal
  • Also ideal for wine makers
  • Handles fold neatly away when not in use
  • Plastic leg pads protect surfaces from scratches
  • Optional body and leg extensions are available so you can  personalize your unit to your exact needs

Feeling Snackish?  
Local Products Taking Off

As you may have noticed, we've been having fun bringing in local foodie products to share with our customers. People seem to really enjoy getting to know all of the locally crafted items that aren't always easy to find. This issue we have two local chip makers and a soda maker to introduce to you.

Route 11 chips, made in Mount Jackson, Virginia are a local treasure. We carry the 6 ounce bags in the following flavors: Barbeque, Dill Pickle
Sour Cream N Chive, Salt N Vinegar, Chesapeake Crab, Sweet Potato, and Mama Zuma's Revenge.

The Mama Zuma's is flying off the shelf and we can see why. Derek S. (our newest employee and total foodie) says it's due to the nature of the habanero. With your first crunch there is a delay that allows you to taste the delicious barbeque flavors and then within seconds, the habanero backdraft lights you up! Yummy!
We are also carrying chips and salsas from Nana's Cocina or "Granny's Kitchen". Nana's Cocina products are made from authentic, delicious Mexican recipes in nearby Manassas Park. We are carrying the chips in the Traditional,Guacamole and Salsa varieties. We also have two of their salsas for your dipping pleasure.

Lastly, we'd like to introduce you to Maine Root. Okay, so this last company is not local--they are obviously from Maine. But when you taste these sodas made from real ingredients you'll be willing to pretend they are local. We are carrying their sodas in the following scrumptious flavors: Blueberry, Root Beer, Ginger Lemongrass Lemonade, Mexicane Cola, Sasparilla, Lemon Lime, Spicy Ginger Brew and Mandarin Orange. Try one, you'll be hooked.

Upcoming Home Brew Competitions
2016 Cherry Blossom Competition
Organizer - DC Homebrewers, Washington, DC
Registration Window - January 30, 2016 through March 13, 2016
Online Entry Window - February 14, 2016 through March 13, 2016 
Shipping And Drop-Offs Accepted - February 14, 2016 through March 13, 2016
Judging - March 26, 2016

Battle of Fredericksburg 2016
Organizer - Fredericksburg Brewing Insiders, Fredricksburg, VA
Registration Window - February 17, 2016 through March 18, 2016
Shipping And Drop-Offs Accepted - February 17, 2016 through March 18, 2016
Judging - April 2, 2016