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What's Brewing -- November 13, 2015 Issue

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One of the best things about having a hobby shop is sharing in our customer's journey into and through an activity that's fun and creative in this oh-so-serious world we live in. From the excitement of newbies to the skill and finesse of the experienced, it's rewarding to be a part of the process. 
In addition to our talented staff, we have a number of tools in place to help you get what you need and move on to the fun part of your favorite hobby. When you can't make it into the store, you can always use the web store Local ground shipping is typically one day. On the web store there is also an area where you can create shopping lists or start a gift registry. Just click on "My Web Account" on the upper left and log in or create a web account. (Note: this account is different from your Rewards account. But don't worry, they are friends so you'll get points for web orders) 

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Brew On!
Derek & Mary Terrell, Owners, myLocal HomeBrew Shop

Fashionably Late--Take Your Home Brew From Good to Great
Sometimes customers come in and explain that their homebrew is not as tasty as they thought it would be. If you have been there, don’t despair. A technique called “late extract addition” can take your homebrew from okay to really great. 
In fact, when time doesn't allow for a full all grain brew session, Derek uses this method. (He and Dennis are shown above mixing in extract when the myLHBS staff had a group brew.) Basically, when you employ late malt addition, you are going to create weak wort and add your extract in for the last 15 minutes of the boil.

This technique decreases the darkening of the malt extract, which is particularly beneficial when brewing light-colored styles, like pale ales or pilsners. It also keeps the intended flavor of the extract intact. Think about the difference in taste between veggies cooked just enough to retain their color and snap versus veggies cooked until they are limp, dull colored and less “fresh” tasting. I don't think anyone enjoys a beer that is limp, dull colored and not-so-fresh.

The best way to illustrate this method is to reference the shop's most popular house recipe, the myLHBS DoubleNut Brown Ale. This recipe (as all myLHBS recipes are) was written for late malt addition, but you can see how you could modify practically any recipe, including Brewers Best Kits.

If you aren’t convinced yet, don’t just take our word for it. The American Homebrewers Association lists this technique in their article Five Beginner Homebrewing Tips:

  1. Use Fresh Ingredients 
  2. Chill Your Wort 
  3. Brew Tried-and-True Recipes 
  4. Late Extract Addition
Remember, when you shop at myLHBS you are getting the freshest ingredients. And our myLHBS recipes and kits are definitely tried-and-true. So after you stock up in the store make sure to chill that wort, use late extract addition and you’ll have a GREAT home brew to share and enjoy.

Small Batch Masterpieces
I know it's popular right now to say "go big or go home" but there are times when that might not be the best policy. Let's face it—hobbies can take up a lot of room. When you don't have the room to store equipment or the inclination to drink a few cases of one particular recipe—small batch beer or wine making is a good fit.

First off, the equipment kits are pretty affordable, with the one gallon wine equipment kit at $49.99 and the one gallon beer equipment kit  at $59.99. And the equipment takes up less space than one regular size bottling bucket.

There are many small batch ingredient kits to choose from including seasonal beers like Cranberry Dark Wit and Hazelnut Amber Ale. On the wine side there are recipe kits all across the spectrum of wines from a lightMoscato to a rich Cab Sav.

Into brewing from recipes? We have books dedicated to one gallon recipes; Make Some BeerBeer CraftBeer Making Book and Winemakers Handbook. Come on in and check them out. We might never make "go small or go home" popular, but we'll sure have fun trying. 

Steal Our 2014 Hops!
As we come to the end of 2015, it means it's time we say goodbye to our 2014 crop year hops — and that means you can say hello to some great steals.

Here's what we have for you (as of right now):
  • $0.99 - $3.99 - 2 ounce pellets — Aramis, Belma, Buzz Bullets, Caliente, Calypso, Eureka, Fantasia, Grapefruit, Lemon Drop, Nuggetzilla, Pekko, TNT
  • ​$3.49 - 2 ounce pellets  Organic Cascade, Organic Chinook, Organic Galena, Organic Magnum, Organic Nugget, Organic Willamette
  • $9.99 - $12.99 - 8 ounce pellets — Belma, Calypso, Grapefruit, Lemon Drop
  • $12.99 - 8 ounce whole hops — Armadillo, Chocolate, J-Lime
Stock up on these great hops at these great prices. Stick them in the freezer like Derek does for maximum freshness. Hurry in, because once they are gone... they are gone. 

One More Brew-In-A-Bag Kit
Brewers Best BIAB Belgian Ale - $39.99Last issue we told you all about our Brewers Best 5 gallon BIAB kits. They are the perfect starter batch (or refill) for TheGrainFather, or other full-size all grain brewing system. After reviewing the options, Derek decided we needed to add one more kit to our shelves. He's a sucker for anything "Belgian".

This easy-drinking Belgian ale is malty but balanced with medium bitterness and finishes with fruit and spice on the nose.
IBU: 24 - 28
OG: 1.047 - 53
FG: 1.013 - 19
ABV: 4.3% - 5.3%
Difficulty: Intermediate
Color: Deep Gold

Other New Products

myLHBS Signature Recipe Kits

How do I know what equipment kit is right for me?
We have five beer equipment kits to pick from and the main questions you have to ask yourself are do you already have a pot and do you prefer plastic or glass carboys? It's really that simple. If you want more information, refer to this pdf chart

Do you fill CO2 tanks?
We don’t refill but we do exchange 5 and 10 lb tanks. We also sell filled tanks outright and stock small amounts of blended “Guinness Gas.” Note: Please remove your regulator before bringing in your tank.

If I see a product on the web store, do you carry it in the storefront?Yes, unless it says Special Order.  And don't worry—Special Orders are quick through myLHBS. 

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