Friday, October 2, 2015

What's Brewing - October 2, 2015 Issue

Fresh Pressed Apple Cider Must
As the weather gets cooler, we usually see more of you in the shop. We have so many new products and if you haven't been in the shop for a while, you wll be in for a pleasant surprise. We've expanded!
If you like the convenience of shopping online, try out our online store at  The web store is also a great tool to check inventory on an item, pre-order Seasonal and Limited Release items, request notifications on out-of-stock items or have your order shipped. Local ground shipping is typically one day. 

Thank  you for shopping with us, we value your business.

Brew On! 
Derek & Mary Terrell, Owners, myLocal HomeBrew Shop

Fall 2015 Limited Edition Wine Kits

It's that wonderful time of year-when our outstanding selection of wine kits expands to include some rare and special breeds!

This Fall's Limited Edtion Winexpert kits sound so good, we may have to make them all. These kits represent a diverse cross section of the world's favorite wine regions. These delicious wines hail from Piedmont and Veneto, Italy; Paso Robles, California and Murray Darling and Riverland, Australia.

These wine kits will surely be in demand, so we recommend you reserve yours soon. We have fantastic descriptions and informative videos about each of the five Limited Edition kits on our blog.

Or you can look at them individually and place your pre-order on the web store:
Each kit makes approximately 30 bottles. Pre-order deadline is December 6, 2015.

New Yeast Strains Hitting The Store!

You may or may not know that we carry one of the most diverse selections of yeast  in the U.S. We keep our ear to the ground for anything we think our fellow -home brewers would like. And we think—no, we KNOW you are going to like this! 

We are just so excited to start carrying Imperial Organic Yeast in their "Pitch Right" cans. Until now only 2 of the main ingredients used to brew beer were available as certified organic; malts and hops. Newly launched Imperial Organic Yeast now provides brewers with a certified organic yeast option.

About this time you may be wondering how many cells are in each can and "will I need a starter"? No worries, just check out our blog for a comprehensive FAQ  and video about these cool, new  cans. 

We have the following strains in stock for $9.99 per can:
And, as if this wasn't cool enough...we have added to our selection of sour cultures. Click here to see our current varieties from Omega, Imperial, RVA, BlackMan, White Labs and The Yeast Bay (coming soon).

Other New Products

The GrainFather - Order Yours Today!


Do you carry bottles?
YES! We have many types of bottles in stock. Check out our web site for the full selection of wine bottles and beer bottles. We also carry corks, caps, fillers and other necessities for saving and sharing your next masterpiece

Do you ever have sales?
Yes we do! Your best place to find up-to-date information on sales is on our... wait for it... "Sales" page of the web store.  Or find out about our latest sales by following us on Facebook.

Do you fill COtanks?
We don’t refill but we do exchange 5 and 10 lb tanks. We also sell filled tanks outright and stock small amounts of blended “Guinness Gas.” Note: Please remove your regulator before bringing in your tank.
If I see a product on the web store, do you carry it in the storefront?
Yes, unless it says Special Order.  And don't worry—Special Orders are quick through myLHBS. 

What are the myLHBS Storefront Hours?
Monday: Closed
Tue/Thu/Fri: 11 AM - 6 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM - 7 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday: See Calendar

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