Friday, October 16, 2015

What's Brewing - October 16, 2015 Issue

Gourd Tap Kit
It’s Fall, it’s Fall—our favorite time of year! The kids go back to school, there's that unmistakable sound of crunchy leaves beneath our feet and we all dream that this year will be the year our team makes the playoffs.

If the cooler weather has inspired you to create something different than the easy-drinking beers and wines of summer, then you have come to the right place. We have added so many new items to the shop lately—we urge you come to the store to check it out in all it's glory. But if you like the convenience of shopping online, try out our web store at Remember, local ground shipping is typically one day.

Thank you for shopping with us, we value your business.

Brew On!
Derek & Mary Terrell, Owners, myLocal HomeBrew Shop

Cider Season Is Here
Wow. You should have seen how fast we sold out of the raw fresh-pressed apple cider must from our friends at Distillery Lane Ciderworks. We'll keep you posted on social media if we can get our hands on more. But in the mean time, you can make one of the cider kits we carry and still enjoy some crisp, fruity goodness. If you are interested in making cider the old fashioned way we reccomend you read this New England Hard Cider Article from BYO . It has tips and techniques and a recipe for a traditional hard cider that includes raisins and brown sugar—yum!

Brewers Best BIAB Kit
Brewer’s Best BIAB Recipe Kits Are Back 
We have seen a lot of interest in the BIAB (Brew-In-A-Bag) method of all-grain brewing as it seems to be an attractive choice for brewers making the transition from extract brewing to all-grain brewing.  So since you asked, we’ve brought back the line of Brewer’s Best BIAB recipe kits. According to Brewer’s Best, this method has several advantages over traditional all-grain brewing:
Simple - The BIAB method is easy and ensures the best possibility of sucess for an extract brewer to brew an all-grain batch.
Ease of Entry - Very little equipment is needed. Just a 42 quart or larger pot, a propane burner and a very large grain bag.
Space Saving - Homebrewers in urban dwellings appreciate the small footprint of the equipment needed for the BIAB method compared to the traditional all-grain method.
Less Time Consuming - With less equipment there is less setup and cleanup.
We have the following BIAB kits available: American Pale AleGerman PilsnerGerman Wheat and India Red Ale.

Derek points out that these kits work really well with the GrainFather, or other full-size all-grain brewing system. It only takes a moment to recalculate your mash and sparge water volumes to get brewing.  Visit our Blog post on BIAB kits for more information.

WHAT THE FUNK?  The Funky World Of Sour Beers
If you are looking to expand your brewing repertoire into the tart and wild world of sour beers, you are in luck. We have been beefing up product lines to help you get acquainted with this type of beer. Click here to see our current sour yeast varieties from Omega, Imperial, RVA, BlackMan, White Labs and The Yeast Bay.

If you want to know more about sour beers before you try brewing one, there is actually quite a bit of information available. Come in to the store or go to the web store to pick up the book, American Sour Beers. This book covers specific techniques for wort production, microbe selection, progressive souring techniques and much more.

Want more? Here are some other sources:

So get out there and get funky! And make sure to let us know how it goes!

Don't Forget Your Fall 2015 Limited Edition Wine Kits
Visit our blog to read up on each varietal. And while you are there, check out the videos, too. We're sure there will be one or two that piques your interest. We will be accepting pre-orders through December 6th.


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We don’t refill but we do exchange 5 and 10 lb tanks. We also sell filled tanks outright and stock small amounts of blended “Guinness Gas.” Note: Please remove your regulator before bringing in your tank.
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