Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New RVA Yeast Labs Varieties

So excited about our most recent shipment from RVA Yeast Labs. We are now re-supplied with the tremendously popular Alchemist Hoptopper IPA strain, and their Fantome Ghost Saison culture (one of our most favorite beers here at the shop, by the way). We also received the following new varieties:
Orval Trappist AleThis is a relatively neutral primary fermentation strain which means you'll have to add your own Brett. to bring the funk. This also means you can choose any Brett. culture and tailor the final product to your liking. +1
De Konick Belgian Ale: A great choice for lower gravity, milder tasting Belgian styles such as pale and amber ales. This yeast leans more English in character than Belgian, based on our experience.
Huyghe Belgian Golden Strong Ale: Delirium beer fans start here!
Dunnottar Castle Scottish Ale: A very interesting yeast brought back directly from the Scottish castle.
Brother Adam Mead Yeast: A yeast especially well suited to traditional mead fermentations.