Thursday, October 30, 2014

Learn To HomeBrew Day Is Saturday, November 1

Do you homebrew? Do you have a buddy who's interested but still sitting on the fence? If the answer to both is yes then we've got a deal -- for the both of you -- from 10 to 6 this Saturday, November 1.

New Brewer Special
Buy any Brewer's Best Deluxe Equipment Kit and any matching beer Ingredient Kit together and we'll give you, the proud new homebrewer, a case of 22 ounce beer bottles for FREE! That's a $15 discount just for coming in (okay $14.99, but hey...)

Plus, we'll give you a 100 loyalty points when you set up your new customer account at the same time. You'll start earning rebates before you bottle your very first batch!

$99.99 to $159.99
$31.99 to $49.99
Buddy Bucks
And for you, the current homebrewer, we'll say thanks for bringing a new hobbyist to the fold by adding 250 loyalty points to your existing customer account. That means an additional $5 credit waiting for you on your next visit.

But Wait, There's More...
You're probably going to be hungry after making these life-changing decisions so take your starter set-up receipt to the Dogfish Head Alehouse across the street and grab a bite to eat for 20% off. I hear they have good beer there too (but please note that state laws prohibit discounting alcohol in this manner).

Tell your buddies, and come on down Saturday from 10 to 6!