Friday, March 28, 2014

Welcome... To The Laboratory

Check out the new toys coming soon: Petri dishes, torches, slants, small flasks... We're even getting prepared cultuing media! Might even have to bring in some new yeast varieties sometime soon, you just never know around here. And look, we just got in beer and wine lab test kits!

Cascade Rhizomes Have Arrived

Walked into my office and discovered a big box of fresh cuttings ready for Winter Spring planting. Cascade is the easiest hop to grow in this area and a great all-around variety for homebrewing. Click here for a solid guide from the James River Homebrewers. The dets:

1. We have over a hundred Cascade rhizomes available for sale starting today at noon. They are first-come, first-serve at $4.99 each. We like ours to have company as they toil under the soil so you may want to grab more than one. Sorry, no phone orders or holds -- we did that last year and more than a few were never picked up and were tossed without dignity. 


2. Since we love promotions take note: for every $49.99 spent (yes, before tax) you earn yourself a cutting for the low, low, low price of FREE. And you get the usual Loyalty Points for your overall purchase. So grab a beer kit, grab a beer, and go home and brew & grow!

And stay tuned to this page for more news over the coming days, weeks, decades. As much as we facebook this is a convenient way to hear about store news through your favorite browser, email client, newsfeed, crystal ball...