Friday, July 22, 2016

The Weather Outside Is Frightful, But Our Beers Are Refreshing And Delightful

Crisp! Refreshing! Those are the qualities we NEED (I mean, enjoy) in a beer when the DC area heats up like this. While it may be too warm this weekend to brew comfortably, we've got plenty of refreshing porch sippers to keep you cool. Here's a quick list of some of our more summery brews, but you can see the full list on our website under the  Beer Me! tab. 
  • Stoopid Wita witbier from Lagunitas Brewing Company
  • Fireboard Blonde Ale, a blonde ale from Seven Arrows Brewing (new from Waynesboro, VA)
  • Berry the Hatchet, a fruit beer from Coronado Brewing Company- really good, light & dry, not sticky sweet.
  • Extra Dry, a sake-style Saison from Stillwater Artisanal Ales
  • IPA Crush, a blood orange IPA & Evergreen IPA, a spruce IPA from Peak Organic Brewing Company. This is a newer packaging concept I hope many breweries follow. It's a mixed 6-pack!
  • GT (Gin & Tonic) Gose, a unique gose from Anderson Valley Brewing Company -- flavored with botanicals reminiscent of a classic G & T.
  • Who You Callin' Wussie, a pilsner from Stone Brewing
  • Quinannan Falls Lager, an enigma from Bell's Brewery. Lightly dry-hopped with Simcoe. More than a Pils, yet not an IPL. This is a don't miss!
  • Year of the Ox (2016), a honey white pepper tripel from our friends at Old Ox Brewery (VA)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Don't Miss Your Last Chance To Buy This Mill!

We put the Barley Crusher on sale for an unbelievable price just once per year. So if you are thinking about a mill, now is the time to buy! Until July 18, 2016 our Barley Crushers will be on sale for $35 off! 

Owning your own mill has several advantages: you don't have to wait in line to crush at the store, you can adjust the crush to your liking, and with very little effort you can clean it so your grain won't be influenced by what someone else has milled before you. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

What's Brewing: Ju1y 1, 2016 Edition

Happy Fourth of July! 
Or, as we like to call it, Pyro Day! (Who doesn't like to blow stuff up?) The store will be open regular hours over the weekend so plan to come in for your holiday weekend must-haves. We've got tasty locally-made brats and pretzel rolls to fill your grill, a fun and funky beer selection to fill your fridge and, as usual, we have all your home beer and wine making supplies so you can fill your extra day off with your favorite hobby.

So to recap, the storefront in Falls Church will be open Saturday 10 am. to 6 pm., Sunday Noon to 4 pm. and will be closed on Monday, July 4. The web store will be open 24/7, as it always is.

Friday, June 10, 2016

What's Brewing: June 10, 2016 Edition

Exciting things are brewing at myLHBS. If you have been to the store recently, you have seen the changes. If you haven't been in for a while--what are you waiting for? There are so many cool things to talk about this issue we don't know where to start. So here is the quick rundown:
We now sell beer! 
We have a newly updated, more mobile friendly web site. 
And, we have added 12 helpful brewing tools and a recipe builder to the web site.

Want to learn more about these exciting changes? Read on, my friend!

Friday, May 13, 2016

New Beer Arrivals: May 13, 2016 Edition

Availability subject to change without notice.
Please call (703) 241-3874 for more information. 

16 Counties Farmhouse-style Ale (750 ml)

Adroit Theory
Angels Trumpet Mango IPA (22 oz)
Imagination Atrophy Caramel Macchiatto Milk Stout (22 oz)
White Noise White IPA (22 oz)
Imagination Atrophy bourbon barrel variant (22 oz)

Meyer Lemon Lager (12 oz, 6 pack)

Blackberry Farms
Summer Saison (750 ml)
Fantastic Saison, an absolute must try!

Hibiscus Gose (12 oz, 6 pack)
Ginger Lemon Radler (12 oz, 6 pack)

Hobo Vanilla Stout (750 ml)

Stingray IPA (12 oz, 6 pack)
Merbear Rye IPA collab with Bear Republic (22 oz)

On The Wings Of Armageddon DIPA (12 oz, 6 pack)

Cuvee Dry Hop Saison (750 ml)

Firestone Walker
Luponic Distortion IPA (12 oz, 6 pack)

Bourbon Grand Cru (750 ml)
Fantastic aging potential on this one.
Hoplar Imperial IPA (750 ml)

Lickinghole Creek
Fearnought Bourbon Imperial Brown Ale (750 ml)
Another great candidate for aging.

Double Bean Blonde Ale (Special Release: 12 oz, 6 pack)
Farmhouse IPA (Special Release: 12 oz, 6 pack)
A very unque Sason-IPA hybrid.

Hayseed Grisette (12 oz, 6 pack)

Ready Set Gose (12 oz, 6 pack)

Friday, May 6, 2016

New Beer Arrivals: May 6, 2016 Edition

Availability subject to change without notice. 

Please call (703) 241-3874 for more information. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

What's Brewing: April 8, 2016 Edition

Come On! Everyone's Doing It!
Let's talk about trends. Fashion and beauty have always had relatively fast moving trends--that makes sense. And each decade has had it's own food trends. But these days every time you turn around there is a new food trend. First, there was everything pumpkin, then there was bacon, and don't forget bourbon. And in turn, these food trends have influenced beer trends. What we've been seeing lately is fruit flavored beer. There's no denying that fruit flavored anything and warmer weather go hand in hand. So in this issue we'll explore this trend. We've got fruit flavored kits and expert advice as well as a guide to choosing hops. See what inspires you. And as always, you can find these items and more in our Falls Church store or online at

Friday, March 25, 2016

What's Brewing: March 25, 2016 Edition

Spring Has Sprung

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Autumn and talking about how much we love the crisp air and leaves underfoot. We even went so far as to declare it our favorite season. And yet, when the weather started to warm up after a few months of snow and low temps we were tempted to say Spring is our favorite season. And why not, life is too short to cling to one favorite of anything. The same is true for brewing and beers. There are times when a heavier beer will hit the spot and other times when you need something light and refreshing and that's what makes this hobby so great--you can make them all. So sit back and have an open mind as we introduce you to a few new malts and seasonal ingredient kits we have brought in for you to try. As always, you can find these items in our Falls Church store or online at

Friday, March 4, 2016

What's Brewing: March 4, 2016 Edition

10 Years Young! Happy Birthday To Us!

Did you know that myLHBS is celebrating a big birthday?The store is turning 10 years old! As we've outgrown our space, moved to larger storefronts and expanded our inventory lines one thing has remained the same -- myLHBS is your go-to destination in NOVA for tried and true advice and an unparalleled selection of all things home brew. This store is a labor of love, born out of a passion for home brew! And with the roll out of the online store in 2015, shopping at myLHBS has never been more convenient. So stop by in person or online and and celebrate this great hobby. Cheers!

Friday, February 12, 2016

What's Brewing: February 12, 2016 Edition

Valentines Day, ugh. Call us unromantic but we're not big fans of the holiday. Nothing against love and romance but we feel you should be sweet to your sweetie every day-not just when the greeting card companies are going to make a profit from it!  But if you are planning to play cupid for your favorite home brewer or wine maker, and you are short on time and ideas, we have a suggestion: myLHBS has a whole variety of gift card options! If you have time to come into the store, we have plastic cards and if you are pressed for time, head to our website and purchase an electronic gift card. Both are available in any denomination from $5-$500 and there are no maintenance fees. Gift cards also pair nicely with one of our other fun items like hop flavored candy, a smoke and stout caramel chocolate bar (note: Derek looooves this) or a hop-scented air freshener.  

Don't forget that myLHBS is now open until 6:30 pmTuesday-Friday so you can swing by on your way home from work.  And we're open most Sundays from noon to 4:00 pm now too.  Rick and Dennis will be in the store thisSunday, February 14,  to help you out. Check the myLHBS Calendar for our complete Sunday opening schedule.